We purchased our first home in March 2015. Horace Rowe was our agent and was instrumental in helping us; answering all our questions and making himself accessible at all times through the process. His knowledge of the housing market really put our minds at ease and made our transition to home owners a very pleasant one. Horace is efficient and personable. We recommend him for your residential/ commercial real estate needs and will without hesitation go to him for any future home buying decisions we may have.

Mr. & Mrs. Scantlebury  

Horace Rowe sold our home in Temple within his predicted time and found us our new dream home!!

Both my husband and myself highly recommend Horace as a Realtor to any person looking to buy or sell property. He has gone above and beyond any expectations we had. He is a honest ‘tell you like it is’ kind of person. He is a trustworthy, extremely knowledgeable, motivated Realtor. Several times on Sunday, his supposed day off he would be there to provide us advice, take us to see properties, or whatever needed. ‘Your wish is my command’ type of person. Horace puts his full effort into his client’s needs. Horace deserves recognition for his one of a kind service, and outstanding performance.

Keep up the good work!!!

Heidi & John (JD) Nikkel

We just want to express our profound gratitude for the exceptionality of your service in helping us purchase our dream home.

You made the entire process so easy, by providing us with the technical know-how and an ardent support. Your many years as a realtor, and the extensive experience gained along the way speaks for itself.

Your negotiation tactics is distinctive and incomparable to other realtors. You were able to use your negotiation skills to help us buy our house, at a price we could not have imagined. You are a proactive and dedicated realtor, you even go above and beyond your scope as a realtor to ensure that your clients get the best service they deserve.

Our new home has all we wanted in a house, the location is great, and amongst all, the kids loves it.

We will be referring other family members and friends to you, so they can also benefit from your expertise in real estate.

Thanks a million!

Fred  Osagie

To all of those who have come in contact with Mr. Horace A Rowe, to those who know him casually and professionally, as well as those who have not had the blessing of meeting him yet, please accept my comments with confidence.
I have been richly blessed to know Mr. Horace A Rowe for over some 30 plus years now. I have known him on a Personal, Family, Sports enthusiast, and Professional level. In the spring of 2017 I made the decision to sell my home that I’ve lived in for the past 29 years, and without hesitation I reached out to Horace to be my support. Along with the sale, was also the search for a new property for me as well. It is easy to say that I am very detailed in my expectations, attention to detail and I live by the mantra that before I make any purchase “It’s my money, My Rules”.
This is now the point of interest that I wish every reader to take time to digest and understand. It’s not only about the business professionalism that Horace exudes, it’s all about the individual that is the makeup of Horace. He is Caring, Compassionate, Honest, and Trustworthy, Openly guided to ensure you receive his absolute Attention. Every detail, as minimal as you may think it is, becomes his focus to ensure you are totally understood and satisfied. His Honesty and Integrity will never be called into question. His experience throughout life, both personally and professionally is reflective in the life he lives for his family, friends and co-partners in support of your needs. He is always there with answers to your questions, support and knowledge for your sale and or purchase and is a wealth of information for all the items that crop up during the process.
With all of my heart, I express with genuine sincerity, that Mr. Horace A Rowe will make any of your business transactions become a positive step in your life and progression, and without any wavering relieves you of what is the perceived stress of the transaction.
The sale of my home and the purchase of my New Home, was a seamless transaction and the whole of who Mr. Horace A Rowe is supported me through the process with sincerity, enthusiasm, honesty, integrity and a knowledge of life over all that I would challenge anyone to compete with. So a huge Thank You to Horace, not only being a friend for years, also allowing the friend and professional
approach to be an absolute success.
As he puts his Trust and Faith in humanity, for all that it offers, I can without hesitation say and support you put your Trust in him to deliver on your expectations.
Thank You!

Paul D Anderson

I am writing this letter with regards to the experience that we had selling my father’s home.
When we contacted RE/MAX in Sept 2013, we were blessed to get a call from Horace Rowe. We had interviewed many realtors, but none compared to Horace. From the moment he met with us and my father, who was in his 90’s, we knew Horace would be the right choice for us. He was very professional and patient. Horace knew the area around my father’s home and had an excellent understanding of what it would take to sell the property. His realism and honesty were refreshing. He did not tell us what we wanted to hear in order to gain the contract, he told us what to expect with the sale in that area and was completely honest.
The experience we had with Horace as our realtor only got better and better. We signed the contract and Horace got working. He told us what we needed to do to the property to bring in the right buyers. His suggestions saved us time and money in the preparation of the house. Horace got the home on the market quickly and almost immediately starting showing it. Any time someone wanted to see the home, he always made himself available. Horace shows incredible work ethic. He made sure that all prospective buyers were all treated well and shown the property promptly. Within a week, the home was sold. With it being sold so quickly, I know that Horace marketed the home perfectly. He really understands realty. The offer and negotiations were handled quickly with no delays. In addition, Horace always made himself available throughout the entire process to answer any questions we may have had.
It was difficult enough moving my father out of his long-owned home, but it was very refreshing to have a realtor who truly cared and made the process of selling the home as easy as possible. Horace treated us all like family. When my father passed, he even wanted to be at the funeral.
Horace is truly a caring individual. Throughout our lives, my husband and I have sold 3 homes…and only wish that we had met Horace earlier as we would have been honoured to have had him as our realtor.
Please accept this letter as our gratitude for the incredible work that Horace Rowe does as a realtor. We cannot praise him enough. Anyone who hires Horace to sell their home will truly be happy with the outcome.

Joanne Gerbrandt

We met Horace 29 years ago, we had a weekend to purchase a house in Calgary as our house in Edmonton sold in a day. Horace guided us through the different areas of the city showing us 20 homes on the Saturday. He was very helpful providing guidance on the pluses of each area, insisting that we take notes as he knew we wouldn’t remember the details on that many houses and he was correct.
Horace typically doesn’t work on Sundays but met us after church to see our narrowed down list of homes and one other one that we couldn’t get into on the Saturday. By 16:30 that afternoon we purchased a house and were on our way back to Edmonton to begin packing. 5 years ago we had found a 3 acer parcels of land on a lakes in Southern Alberta. We contacted Horace and he went out to look at the parcels of land prior to us going to view. We purchased the lot at a price $45,000 cheaper than we thought we could acquire it at, thanks to Horace’s hard work.
When it came time to sell our home that we purchase from Horace in Calgary 29 years earlier he was our first call. Even with some family issues that we had to undergo during the listing period of the house which forced us to remove it from the market for 10 days, Horace managed these trying times for us. We ended up selling our home in 16.5 weeks in a very depressed market and achieved a selling price $18,000 higher through Horace’s hard work. We’ve referred family to Horace and he has helped them achieve their real estate needs.
If you’re looking to purchase or sell real estate give Horace a call, he’ll save you time and help you achieve your real estate goals.

Larry & Debbie Desmeules

I’m really enjoying my new home and my move to Cochrane. Thanks again for all your help.

For your website:

I have know Horace for many years. He has helped me sell two homes and purchase three homes over the years. He has also helped my son and daughters purchase homes.

Horace is someone you can trust. He is passionate about what he does and sincerely wants to help his clients find their ideal home. He is very knowledgeable and has many years of experience, so he can give an honest assessment about your home and the market. I have been quite amazed, when driving in the city with Horace, about his vast store of knowledge of locations and homes he has sold over the years. Horace is very supportive and he quickly responds to any questions you may have.

I would sincerely recommend Horace for all your real estate needs.

Marge Petersen

Horace A. Rowe conducts himself in a professional manner that is unparalleled to any agent out there, we are sure. The work ethic he put forward for us was exceptional and beyond anything we could have asked for. There were times when we had to tell Horace to go home, don’t worry about it, but he still hung out in the office to the late hours of night or as long as it took for him to get the answer we were seeking that night.

He constantly worked above and beyond our requirements, and with that kind of help we found our dream home without any headaches or exhaustion. He was completely accommodating to our schedule. He not only helped us find our dream home, but educated us throughout the process. His 30 plus years in real estate show in his work, but not to the point where he is intimidating to first time home buyers like ourselves. We felt completely comfortable asking Horace any questions we had, and we could fully rely on the truth beyond his honest and educated answers. Even after closing our deal we still feel like and know we could call Horace with any questions or any help we may need. Horace became a good friend of ours, one that did us a very large and much appreciated favor in helping us find our new home.

Thanks again Horace! We look forward to working with you throughout the moving in process and for any other real estate dealing we may have in the future.

Tyler & Kristi

Horace, you were so wonderful to work with at all time thru this process of purchasing my condo. I was so stressed and you were always so cheery and helpful! I love your upbeat personality and especially the wealth of knowledge you have in the market. Through working with you it is very clear how you have achieved so many awards in your profession.

I will certainly pass your name onto anyone who needs an agent to purchase or sell a home.

Take Care


Dear Horace,

I wanted to let you know how thankful I am that you were part of our sale of our soon to be former home. We move on Thursday as you know and that wouldn’t have been possible without your experience. As we had discussed we needed to sell our home as soon as possible for the most realistic and most advantageous price. I don’t think I could’ve asked for a quicker sale and possession date! Selling the house in a week and a half was amazing! I am so thankful for the quick possession date as well because we wanted to be in Leduc asap, and that is now a reality.

The transition from Calgary to Leduc was expected to be a little bumpy as we are uprooting our entire lives, but your help has been invaluable.

You have been such a trusted realtor over the years and I think of you as an old friend. I trust your advise explicit because I know that you have our best interests at heart. You are so flexible with your time and your passion for the business is reflected in your attitude. You always put us first! Your years of experience and knowledge of the real estate market has been beneficial in every aspect of our listing and sale. You are so welcome in our home in Leduc.

Come by for a spot of tea anytime!

Michael & Elise Ehrenholz